Can not access the dashboard on the my cloud

Have a new my cloud . i set it up everything was working fine… i went back to change sme settings and now can not access the dashborad. dashbord was working fine when i first set it up but i can not access it now , everytime i click on the icon it says can not connect to the internet.

Hi, can you still access the My Cloud shares? You can try to access the My Cloud dahsboard using the IP number. 

Do we have to forego the using the dashboard shortcut?

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A simple restart of the computer may solve the problem.


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@ Cat0w,

Very nice, but are we supposed to restart the computer all the time to reach a WD My Cloud NAS ?

I am doing copy test now. Got about 40-50 Mb/s and sometimes brief moments of 103 Mb/s.

I would hope that a person would not have to continue to restart their computer every time they want to see the dashboard, however a restart is a recommended start to troubleshooting. I would suggest that before making a lot of changes on the computer.


If a restart doesn’t help check out the info by clicking on this link,
, this link comes from a search in the Knowledge Base , see the top right of this page for the link to the Knowledge Base.

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During copying, Dashboard is not responsive and seems to have difficulties to fill out screen in the display. Must be because CPU and ram is maxed out. Pity this Dashboard does not have a display CPU and Memory like the EX4 has, so we can see what is going on and how much stress this appliance has. Would be easier with trouble shooting as well.

Had this problem and was easily solved by unplugging the router and the cloud for 30 seconds. Reboot :smiley: