Can not access MyClould Home anymore

I had a Gaming GPU Card burn up a week or so back. I Took the computer into a repair shop and rather than get another I am using my Mother card GPU now. I can no longer access MyClould home. I get a device offline notice. And this message; “Your MyClould Home device might be offline or rebooting. Check that it’s plugged in and connected to the internet.” I did so to the best of my ability.
The LED bar on it is on and is solid, not blinking. It does not show in “File Explorer/ network” but is does show in “File Explorer/ this PC” though the Icon has a red X on it. It shows as Drive (X) and the properties used and free space are 0 as is the capacity is also 0. The My Cloud shortcut says that it is offline My MyClould “Z” has disappeared from the desktop.
I cannot find a way to access MyCloud Home to check it as I would a USB Drive.
Any ideas would be appreciated…

Hi rfharbin,

I would suggest you to refer the link provided below to troubleshoot this issue.

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Thanks, It took a lot of time looking but the answer was there. I need a new router and modem.

That sounds a bit drastic! Would it be the wrong end of helpfulness to ask if you had tried uninstalling and reinstalling the WD Discovery etc software?
There’s a subdirectory called ‘GPUcache’ so I’m wondering if it’s possible there’s a config setting fixed at installation that needs to change if it doesn’t know there’s a different GPU to use now.
It might need the uninstall to clear it before a clean install finds the right one.

Or if you tried that already, never mind - I just hate the idea of throwing out hardware that works, mine was working OK even through several hops of ropey cable on a non-gigabit network, and might be worth a go before buying new stuff.

I tried to access my MyCloud Home via WiFi from my kitchen laptop and that messed things up somehow. I uninstalled WD Discovery from the laptop and recycled the desktop which allowed me to access the My Cloud Home from the desktop. My router and modem are both 10/100, way too slow to use with My Cloud Home but fine for my 7GB down, 1GB up connection to the web. Meanwhile I am going to buy a USB3 Thumb drive or two to backup my computers after each spring and fall major up dates. a USB3 backup is fast, very fast compared to what I am used to. If I could have done all the trouble shooting in one day it would been nicer. Many thanks for your input. I am 80 and learning does come a bit slower than when I was 40. :wink:

High School soccer season is done so as soon as I get the fall yard work done I’ll look at it all again.

I am retired and replaced the roof shingles this year…that took about twice what I should be spending each year.from savings. :wink: