Can not access MyBook World edition setup screen

I am having problems accessing the admin screen on our MyBook World Edition. I can access the files on it just fine, but for some reason I can not access the setup screen through Firefox or IE. I have pinged the network address and I have verified that port 80 is open.

Any suggestions would be great.

what happens when you try to access the web interface.

The page is not displayed or you have problems with user name and password.

When I type in the ip address for the drive, it just loads and loads and loads. It never comes up with the login box.

Try resetting it, push the reset button for about 20 seconds in the back.

If I reset the drive, will I lose any of the information of the drive?

no, it will only reset network configurations and admin’s password. it is not going to delete any of your files or folders

Make sure your browser accepts cookies from the MBWE and try again.


Ok, when I reset the drive. How do I access the drive. As far as I can tell there is no default ip address.

you access it using the name … click on start then run … type [\mybookworld](file://%5C%5Cmybookworld) , then you can access the folders and you can map them also and so far… the interface you need to open a web browser then type in the name mybookworld or http://mybookworld