Can not access My Cloud or drive since update

the system asks for me to login when I put usermane & password it does nothing. No problems until I did the update 7/31/16

Hi, was the update for the WD software on your computer, or an update for the WD My Cloud? Have you tried resetting the drive?

Hello lluna,

I can not log into my drive. WD Smartware Pro user name & password. Do not remember setting this up and everything I try does not work. I can not back-up to that drive because I can not access it. Please help

Hi, can you please take a screenshot of what you are doing? What have you tried so far?

Hello and thanks for the response. I have reset the drive with a paperclip (power off). I can get into the WD cloud but I can not log into my WD Smartware Pro software on my PC. User name and password is required for access to the drive for the Smartware software. I am stuck there I can not tell it to backup to the drive because I can not access the drive. I even tried to reset to factory settings. But it is still asking for username and password. Please help… Thank you

Hello, Here is where I can not get through.

Thanks for the image, is easier when the issue can be seen.

You can try typing Admin as the user name and put it in the password that you created for the administrator user, if that doesn’t work, you can type in the user name wdmycloud\Admin and put in the password you created for the administrator user

I did that already and it will not get into it. I called WD last night and they are doing updates to the server. They will help me on Saturday when I call them.