Can not access my 3TB MyCloud outside of my house

I can not connect to my 3TB Mycloud from the Internet. I’ve had it for 8 days. I’ve enabled Port Forwarding and still no success. It works fine if my PC or Mobile devices are on my home WiFi. What has others had to do with their Routers to get this device to work from the Internet.

Thank you !!

Do you have everything set up in the Dashboard for Cloud Access? Have you connected the devices you are using when away from your home and network? See example image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Is Remote Access ON in Settings>General?


Thanks!! The issue was with my Cable company. They had Port 443 and 80 blocked. I had to cancel my Prism CenturyLink TV service to gain access port 443 and 80.Very strange.