Can not access hard drive


Being faithful to the brand for several years, I bought on Amazon on November 9, 2017 the WD 3TB hard drive elements, I used it very little wanting to save all my important data from my desktop i decided to cut / paste on the hard drive.

I format my pc by unplugging (USB and AC outlet) my external hard drives and I notice after formatting that I can not access my hard drive 3 TB.

I restart my pc the hard drive does not appear in “Computer”, I plug it into a laptop same result, I decided to go to “Disk Management” a window opens that tells me two choices that are 1) Main boot sector or 2) GTP partition as it says I choose GTP for hard drives over 2TB and an error window opens it says “The device is not ready”.

What are you offering ?
What is the solution to recover my data?

Thank you

you can try this KBA: