Can not access database

I changed the root password of the internal database and now can not log in.
I wonder how could I reset the DB and its password.

got it
python3 /usr/bin/ -r

Hi @liuxiaohua72,

Please be informed to that follow the below steps mentioned to reset My Could device:

The 40 Second Reset, also known as System Only Restore, will reset the following:

  • Admin User Name (default = “admin”)
  • Admin Password (no default password, new password enforced)
  • Device Name Changes to Default
  • SSH (Secure Shell) User Name and Password (default = “sshd” no default password, new password enforced)
  • Remove all Users except Admin
  • All Share permissions (default = Public)
  • Automatic Firmware Update (default = off)
  • Network Mode (default = DHCP)
  • Remove all Alerts
  • Active Directory configuration (default = off)
  • Cloud Connection (default = Disabled)
  • account association (default = not configured)
  • Installed 3rd part Apps and App Settings are removed - No Default App
  • Backup jobs (default = not configured)
  • Windows Protocol = SMB2,SMB3
  • NT LAN Manager = NTLMv2 only

To execute the 40 Second Reset :

  1. Power down the device and remove the power cord from the device
  2. Using a paperclip or narrow tipped pen, press and hold the reset button
  3. While continuing to hold the reset button, reconnect the power cord to the device and continue to hold the reset button for at least 40 seconds
  4. After releasing the reset button the device will reboot

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Note: This process may take upwards of 15 minutes. Please wait until the Power LED is solid blue, indicating the device is ready to use.

  1. Setup the My Cloud using the dashboard.
    For instructions, please refer to Answer ID 29391 My Cloud OS 5 How to Set Up Using the Dashboard

Please refer to the below link to check more information: