Can no longer see custom thumbnails (.jpg) only the dvd cover from the first movie in folder

I have my movies on a HDD plugged in to my WD TV Live SMP.  And before i discovered “get content info” each genre had its own personally created jpg artwork.  They were named Folder.jpg.  Once i gathred info for the metadata they were replaced by the dvd cover of the first movie in the folder. They show up on my pc but not on the WD TV… What happened can anyone help.  I tried naming them 1.metathumb but no luck also action.jpg also no good.  I am on the normal theme and the most current firmware.  Please help

Any one have any ideas?

Bump still looking for any answers?

Try deleting the WDTV file (hidden) on your usb hdd then restart the SMP. The WDTV file will then regenerate it’s  self again.


It’s a bug in the firmware.