Can no longer play 1/2 my videos and freezes constantly

I have 3 of your WD TV boxes now for 4+ years and love them until the last year… now I have constant problems with them playing and it is not on one but all 3 and not just across my network but also off a flash drive directly connected. The main problem is that out of nowhere 1/2 my movies will not play anymore, they say they files are not playable, but yet I have watched all these on here before. it has to be from some firmware update, most .mp4 and .avi will not longer play. For example I tried to watch a TV series the other day that has 6 seasons, not one episode will play but 2 years ago I watched the entire series through the same box and the same files not they don’t play at all. Also when finally finding a movie or show that will play they system freezes up in the middle of the movie and you have to unplug the box and start over and then it freezes again, happens about 5 or 6 times for a 1 and 1/2 hour movie. This is on ALL 3 boxes and both on the network and local flash drive, does the same thing.

I did the firmware rollback to see about the freezing issue but that still did not help my videos playing… I get Browser error. content not available on almost every .mp4 and .avi file which all worked over 1 year ago…

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Have you tried resetting the drive? Do you have the media player connected to the network?

I have reset to factory, rolled back drivers and this is on 3 devices. and it happens whether on my media server or on the flash drive directly connected

I don’t get freezing, but the “file format not supported” message is pretty disturbing. Many of them played before, and without any kind of update, something has changed. The device isn’t even connected to the web, unless it downloaded something via wi-fi without my consent.

Pretty sad on the face of it. A media player that can’t play standard format files.