Can no longer mount MyCloudMirror on Mac laptop running OS X Mojave

I can no longer mount my MyCloudMirror network drive on my MacBook Pro, which runs Mac OS X 10.14.6. I can access the drive through the mobile app and through, and I can access the Dashboard using a local IP address. The only thing I can’t do is access the drive through Finder. I’ve checked that the firmware is up to date and have tried rebooting the drive, my router and my laptop.

The drive has always been frustratingly slow to mount through Finder, but now it won’t mount at all.

You may use AFP instead of SMB while mapping.

Thanks, Jonty. I’m actually able now to mount the drive using SMB but not AFP or by clicking the WDMyCloudMirror icon in the sidebar. And TimeMachine can’t find the drive. I wonder if there is some incompatibility between OS X Catalina and the WDMyCloudMirror?