Can no longer connect to Netflix

Before and after firmware update today, Netflix app/service starts then displays “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix.”

The only options are Try Again and exit.

Other services connect to the net without issue; I can fully access the Hub’s network shares as well.

Netflix had been working for a year without issue.

Unsure of previous firmware, 3.0.8, something old.  Still fails with new 3.12.13.

Using the Konami code method to deactivate Netflix displays the following:

Software version 3.12.13 (now)

Certification Version 0

Netflix Version Netflix SDK nrd-3.0.2-591521 - Built 12:21 20101216 by hudson [more text cut off]


(my esn)

Last error: http/404

multiple restarts, reset to factory, nothing. I presume it actually is a Netflix issue, but of course only the wd tv live is affected.  both smart tvs can connect without issue as well as PCs, tablet and phone.

  Update: Naturally after a couple hours troubleshooting and getting nowhere, it works immediately the next morning.  Please disregard, obviously was a Netflix issue and they must have resolved overnight.


Thanks for taking the time to edit your post and letting us know the issue has been resolved.