Can no longer access WD My Passport

I have a WD Passport WDBAAA3200AVT-00. It makes this buzz-like beeping noise ten times when I plug it in. The light comes on (but it blinks?), and it doesn’t spin or hum. My computer does recognize it, but I can’t access the files. It doesn’t show up in the ‘My Computer’ folder. I dropped the drive about an inch, and I know that’s what caused the problem and there’s probably no hope for it, but is there at least a way I can recover the files?

Edit: I just ran it through Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and it said “Too many bad sectors”. It also said the capacity of it is 2TB, which is strange considering I have a 320GB drive.

Dude, I’m sorry to tell you that means the drive has physical damage on the platters and to recover the data you’ll need a specialist…

Yeah, I figured I’d need professional data recovery. Thanks for bothering to reply though.

Good luck.