Can no longer access MyCloud after changing routers

I recently upgraded my router to an ASUS RT-AX88U, and in doing so, I changed the SSID for the 2.4 Gb Band. After re-configuring all my devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc), everything works fine except my two WD devices: an older MyDrive unit and a MyCloud unit.

Both drives are connected to a Netgear Ethernet 8-port switch, as is my desktop computer. However, when I go to, neither drive is found. I get a message that MyCloud is not found and to either try again or use the advanced setup - the advanced setup is a dead link, so that does not help.

The error message says to check to make sure the blue light is on on the drive, however, it is not. When I power the drive off/on, the light turns solid amber, then after a few minutes changes to flashing amber, then eventually goes off completely.

So, I am not sure what is happening or how to proceed. Needless to say I am in a bit of a bind because I have thousands of files on these drives that I can no longer access!

@Pauleduc The My Cloud Home does not have a blue LED!

If you have My Clouds, have you tried to view the content?

I have the original MyCloud … may not be called MyCloud Home, but it is a 4TB MyCloud drive - and it does have a blue led. My manual says it is blue when ready and when I go to, I get an error msg that it cannot find the drive on my network, and one of the suggestions is to check for a blue led. Which as I said, it not blue, but amber. And according to my manual, and amber led might be caused by no network cable connected.

Thinking it might be an issue related to the Netgear Switch, I disconnected the drive and plugged the cable directly into my router… and same problem: no blue led.

try resetting the MyClouds via the Reset Switch