Can no longer access My Book Live

I’ve had this My Book Live for years and it worked without issue. Then the other day, I could no longer access it from any of my computers. I cannot access it through either the mapped drive nor through the dashboard at http://mybooklive. The led on the front has been burned out for a long time, so it’s no help. The lights above and below the network connector work – the bottom one is on solid and the top flashes. I’ve changed cables and plugged into a different router port, so it doesn’t seem to be either of those. I plugged the network cable directly into a laptop and it shows up in the network section, so it doesn’t seem to be completely dead. I did the reset with the paperclip on the little hole on the back, but that made no difference. I’m hoping that it’s the network access that isn’t working and not the hard drive itself, but I don’t know. Any ideas on how I might access it enough to copy the data off?

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Hi wstanley,

Probably you need to test with any other router or attach a switch in the network setup.

mine has same symptoms. did you have any success reviving or retrieving?

Hi. I finally concluded that it was something with the networking part of electronics that went bad. What I did was to take it all apart and removed the actual hard drive. Then I bought hard drive docking station, which cost about $20. I downloaded Disk Internals and was then able to read and copy all of the data onto my Windows computer. I bought a new network drive and am all running fine again now. The old hard drive seems just fine, so I may use it in the docking station as an addition backup.

I did something similar but determined the HDD was the problem because the WD diagnostic tools found too many errors when I placed it on a dock. I also used disk internals to retrieve my data. Now I’m considering replacing the internal HDD with a new RED WD NAS. Thank you.

Hello. Found you on a non-related thread. I can’t see my MBL 3TB on my WIN10 64bit Network folder. The red (and only) light on my mbl burns when powered up. I have 2 partitions, the Public and another that is Private. I have my critical professonl and acadmc cerifiates in it (the secondary/private partition) and am desperate for your help. If only I can see my MBL on my Network folder. Thanks! (