Can MyPassport Wireless Pro instantly (and automatically) recieve photos/videos from the smartphone/camera using WiFi?


I’ve a smartphone without MicroSD extension slot and I wonder if it is possible to send photos/videos automatically to My Passport Wireless Pro just after the shoot is finished.


No, to transfer these media files you need to start up the My Cloud app each time you want to transfer.


Yes! With Plex you can have automatic camera backup and it works instantly. Just create a photo library in Plex and activate camera backup in the Plex mobile app.


This is an old post but the suggestion of automatically sending photos to the MPWP is quite appealing.

So Plex app on phone enables automatic wireless backup of photos to the MPWP? That would certainly be useful! Would it work with video files?
Anyone doing this?

If you are manually doing this I would use Documents to do the transfer. Documents can access the iPad photo library and the MPWP. Just select as many photos as you want by Opening the photo folder in Documents and then share Copy to… the MPWP.


I have been looking for the same capability;

I am too stingy to pay for a PlexPass to enable their automatic backup; but I have recently found that DropBox (sort of) has that functionality. (This app will upload to the Cloud. Presumably, from the cloud I can easily download to a MPWP or somewhere else in my network).

One problem with the dropbox transfer is if you use the “live” function of iOS picture taking. The dropbox transfer appears to ignore the “live” aspects and only transfer the still JPEG. (If you plug the iOS device into a USB connection, you will find that there are both JPEG and MOV versions of each photo -> I suspect dropbox only copies the JPEG).

I suspect the plex functionality will work the same way.


Don’t you need Plex Plus?