Can mycloud link to my Live Book Duo?

Hi, first post here! I have had a my Live Book Duo 3TB since they were launched. It is working fine and is used continuously within our office environment. With the current virus stuff, I need to make remote access possible for some of my staff. I have gone into the dashboard, checked firmware is up to date and added a remote access user, but the email never arrives with them. I resent the email to myself (been a remote access user for years) but that never arrived either so it looks like emails are not being sent anymore. I then saw that there was a Mycloud Home login - I created an account but it asks for the 9 digit code from the device - clearly mine doesnt have that. I know my disk pack is old and not supported, but how do I get somebody new set up to remote access it? No emails and the new apps dont link. Help please?