Can mybook world edition 4TB be configured for mac and windows at the same time?

Okay, so I run windows vertually on my mac with VM fusion, witch means I don’t have to shut down my mac to boot windows.  I am able to see my book world edition with my mac, even copy and paste docments and movies to it.  But in order to back up my mac with time machine, I have to have the pass word and user name.  I have these, but when I try to sign in, it says “cannot access this drive, configureation is wrong”  So is it possible for this mybook world edition 4TB  running latest firnware to be configured for both mac and windows?

I honestly don’t understand your post, the MBW should be automatically and natively accessible from both OS’s out of the box, have you tried (On XP) clicking on start> run> type \theIPaddressofyourMBW?