Can my files be recovered from my HDD?


My USB Port was detached from the board. It still works if you hold both the usb port and the board together. Since I was eager to fix it, I used a super glue to attach it again. After that, My brother accidentally removed the usb port from the board while it was still drying. Now, the super glue covered some of the board and If I try to hold it It won’ t light up anymore.

I know it sounds very very stupid but my question is can I still recover my data? I heard that you need to connect it to the motherboard or that you need an external case. Please I am desperate. Thanks in advance!

Any answers please?

It’s probably using superglue to reattach the port. It is soldered on  and glue doesn’t conduct electricity. You can try fining another board here  or on Ebay.


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Thanks for the reply! Is there any other way? I can’t replace the board or have them recover the data because they don’t have any data recovery partners here in the Philippines.

This is the model of my HDD:

Check this out and you might be able to find a board on Ebay. It will explain a bit about the boards.If you have a reliable electronics repair shop they may be able to clean the glue off and resolder the port. One trick was to solder the port on with really fine wires instead of drectly to the board. It did make the drive usable for recovery. This drive is hardware encrypted by the bad board. I think it used a proprietary coinnection and won’ be simple to connect as an internal or in another case. That’s about all I can offer.


Ok that might work. Since I can’t buy stuff online rigt now, I might go to the repair shop today. I’ll just update as soon as they are finished with it.

I just got my HDD back. At first it was ok but after a few minutes of using it, it said that usb not recognized. When I open the device manager it says that set address failed and device descriptor failed. I don’t know if it’s the hdd or the usb cable (slightly loose). Any luck fixing it?