Can my Desktop Support SATA3 Drive

I just want to make sure the 2 TB SATA3 internal hard drive will be compatable with my simple Desktop.

I have the following Compaq:

Also, I assume I need a special rated SATA cable??

Hi well it depends on what version of windows you have. Also that drive should work ok but its a sata 3 drive and your mother board only supports sata 2 so you would use a jumper on the hard drive to set its speed.

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How do i do that???

AM i better off just buying a SATA 2 drive, will i see a difference anyways???

BTW i am running WIndows 7 Home on this desktop.

Hi no you wont see any diffrence with a sata 3 drive. Usally the more cache on a hard drive makes it faster so a drive with 32 meg cache is fine 64 meg is even better. The plus side of the sata 3 is if you upgrade your system and it supports sata 3 your drive will run at that speed. The jumper is not a big deal just slips on pins on the end of the drive, they have a page that shows you how to do it. Also alot of newer sata controllers you dont need to use a jumper it will auto fix the speed.