Can My Cloud Be Used With MacOS Sierra?

Also, how about the upcoming High Sierra?

Look at this for more information.

You can use the search icon, top left, and ask your question and see prior discussions about it working with Sierra.

I’m totally aware of that. It says that it works up to MacOS El Capitan. That was last year or so. We are about to enter High Sierra. Is it possible that it is not compatible? I’m asking someone who personally knows. I know how to read. But thanks anyway.

Of course…why wouldn’t it?

Sierra supports http and https to connect to the My Cloud’s dashboard, AFP and SMB for file sharing, and even this piece of software I looked up for you for managing your My Cloud (if for some reason you would need it).

High Sierra is an unreleased OS that WD cannot test for, but assuming Apple hasn’t gone bonkers and removed http, https, AFP, and SMB; it should still be supported.

Not that wise an assumption… Early releases of Sierra messed up NAS access for many NAS vendors. It was almost as if apple didn’t want apple customers using non-apple devices…