Can MBL config files be used on a MC

I have been using a My Book Live for (LAN only) simple back ups for several years now. I recently purchased a WD My Cloud and created a safe point of the MBL on it. Since the MC features a convenient USB port that can also be used with a portable drive to create safe points for off premise safe keeping as well as many other new features, I would like to migrate the newer MC in as the main NAS on my LAN.

I am wondering if the configuration file from the MBL can be imported to the MC along with a fresh safe point so the MBL can be taken out of service as the main NAS device? The user and share data seems to line up, but I would like some advice or experience from other users who may have done or tried this before attempting the switch. Otherwise I can set it up manually, but the export/import would be a time saver if compatible between the models.


There is an Import/Export configuration on the My Book Live under Utilities which is what you are looking for, however, you will still have to create the User manually on the MCL.
Let’s see if an experienced user out here has tried this, and can share some experience with us.