Can Live Hub stream TV through the home network?

I would love to watch the cable box thoughout the house on laptops, but I’m a bit confused what Live Hub is capable of.  It seems to be a media server, but without ability to watch regular tv.  Is that right?

It is a media streamer with storage, nothing more. It can’t stream a TV signal nor can it record anything.

Thank you, that explains why I can’t find reference to it!  

As a second question, as a file server, is there an advantage to My Book Live vs Live Hub?  On one level, it looks like Live Hub is two products put together (the TV Live Plus + My Book Live)… so adding a hard drive.  But somewhere I saw mention that Live Hub isn’t great as a backup/file server because it gets slow due to attempts at indexing everything as a media file…  Is there an advantage to My Book Live over Live Hub?


The MBL is MUCH faster.

Excellent.  Thanks for the help!

Let me quantify my statement.

For the Hub, most people can get about 5 to 8 megabytes per second to/from it.   Certainly no more than 12.

For the MBL, most people should get 25 to 45 megabytes per second;  I am getting 42 megabytes per second WRITE performance right this minute in a test.