Can I use wd tv live hub as a external Hard drive for my dishnetwork vip 612 dvr

I have a dishnetwork vip 612 dvr that is dying. Dish sent a new one, but I need to download my dvr shows to an external hard drive. I went to best buy and ask a geek squad guy if I could use the wd tv live hub as the external hard drive. He said I could. So I bought it.  I am worried that if I connect it, when it reformats the hard drive that it will wipe out the wd tv live hub.  Anyone have any advice. Plus connecting them will require a USB A male to male connector, which has been difficult to find.

Any advice?

The Geek Squad guy was simply wrong.

You can network the Hub to a PC and access it as a network drive, but you can not connect the Hub to anything as a USB slave device – you can only connect USB slave devices to it.

Your best bet would be to return the Hub to Best Buy (unless you want it as a media player, after you get your dish business sorted out) and buy an actual USB external hard drive.  An Elements Desktop or one of the DVR Expanders might be your best bet.

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