Can I use WD Smartware on a desktop Elements drive?

As per title, my Elements drive did not come with Smartware but I’d like to try the software.

Is it ok to use it with a drive that did not ship with it?


It’s impossible to use the WD smartware on a drive that is not Smartware enabled. The encryption wil not permit you to. But it is possible to use other backup software such as aconis.

If you have Vista or W7 you can use your Elements with Windows Backup or Time Machine if you own a Mac. Those softwares are free and they come with your computer.

Currently I’m using Win7 backup on my Elements drive but I had to change the schedual to do it everyday instead of every week.

I have a Passport drive as well lwhich has the smartware software on a cd but I never installed it because I’m using the passport as a media drive for WD TV Live.

Thanks for the replies, I just wanted to know if it was OK to use on the desektops Elements drive but as it stands, win7 will be fine. :slight_smile: