Can I use two My Cloud devices in two different locations?

I have a laptop that travels between offices.  Sometimes it stays in one office for weeks.  In the other office, there’s already a My Cloud setup; when the laptop is there, it backs up automatically.  But I worry that there is no backup for weeks at a time that way.

What I’d like to do is setup a second My Cloud in the second office and have the laptop automatically backup to whichever one it finds on the local network.  I am fairly sure this would work fine from a hardware standpoint - but what about the WD backup software?  Will it be smart enough to use either device, depend on which one is detected on the local network?

I know I could probably make the original My Cloud available over the internet, but aside from managing the security issues, I worry that that kind of backup would be too slow.  That’s why I’d prefer to have separate My Cloud devices setup in the different offices.

As a fallback, I guess I can use completely different backup software instead of WD’s software for the second office, but it would be easier to use one piece of software, of course.

(If it sounds like I don’t have access to the laptop or the original My Cloud yet - I don’t.  I’m doing this for someone, and we are trying to decide whether we shoudl buy a second one and would prefer to know the answer to this question before making the purchase.)


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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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