Can I use the MyCloud as a backup destination?

I haven’t been on in months because I gave up on trying to get the WD backups to work.

Heres my setup:
MCM set up in JBOD mode (two 4TB drives)
WD MyBook attached to MCM via USB (4TB)
WD MyCloud sitting in a box collecting dust (4TB)

The MCM is my main drive that I use primarily for storing media files. The WD MyBook is used as a ‘backup’ that I manage by hand copying and deleting files as needed.

In an ideal world I could run rsync on the MCM and it would keep the USB attached MB synced as an exact copy of all the shares on volume_1. Another option would be to use the MC as a synced backup over my LAN. My router and switches are very stable and I rarely have to reboot.

Is there a reliable way to run rsync on the MCM that will sync to either an attached USB or another NAS?
Is there a reliable to have the MC run rsync that will keep it synced with the MCM?

I don’t want to use the GUI backup on the MCM because it won’t remove files that I’ve deleted it only adds new files. I would then be stuck manually deleting files by hand. Unless WD has had a major improvement I doubt the MC backup now works. I’m open to any ideas or solutions that others have gotten to work.

Hi, unfortunately I am not really well verse on SSH and I don’t know how to make the rsync work as you want. Maybe another user that know how to properly use ssh would be able to assist.

Unless WD has had a major improvement I doubt the MC backup now works

Well, you might try the new WD Sync app…

I haven’t… I note the download page still says it’s only for Mirror devices and up, but I’m pretty sure I recall the ‘OS3’ puff wibbling on about WD Sync for basic MyCloud. The picture next to the blurb about WD Sync on their “What’s New” page shows a basic MyCloud. But that’s marketing, so may not bear any resemblance to reality…

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