Can I use mycloud personal like a network hard drive with multiple computers copying files to it?

I just purchased Mycloud personal storage 2TB today.

I am doing a continuous backup for specific folders in Windows 8.1.

Does the Smartware application tell you anywhere how long it’s going to take?

And can I use this like a regular hard drive.  I just mapped it as a network drive and I am starting to see the folders show up.

I am wondering if I can copy a file from to the MyCloud from another computer on the network and then have it copy that file back to the original computer requesting the backup.

Please advise.  Thaks…


While WD SmartWare does not provide at this time a dedicated “Time Remaining” section, the candy pole bar indicates current progress alongside number of files pending in size.

Yes, your WD My Cloud can be mapped on all systems within the same local network for direct access and file management (Copy, cut, paste, rename, delete) operations.

Can I use the MyCloud for direct access and file management outside my Local Network?

Yes you can. See the cloud/remote access setup in the user manual.