Can I use MyCloud Home without WD acount or smartphone app?

I got offered a deal on a MyCloud Home (single-disk model). I know that it has gone through a lot of firmware changes, so it is not easy to find via search what it can/cannot do in current iteration.

I just want a locally-accessible NAS with shares that are accessible via an IP address. I don’t want any cloud functionality, I don’t want to install a smartphone app to configure it, and I don’t want to make any account on

Is this possible in latest version? Thanks


No, you can’t activate the MCH without a WD account. This is similar to an Apple ID except WD doesn’t try to get your credit info or address (required by AppleID for example). If you have a Google or Microsoft ID, that is all WD account needs.

After you activate the MCH and enable local access, you can block the MCH from internet acces and the local access will now remain functional (firmware 8.12 and up).

@cat0w The manual was printed in 2018. My understanding is that the product has significantly since launch. Features added/removed etc. For example the manual references the WD Discovery software - this is deprecated over 1 year ago - so I have no confidence in the manual.

@NoPlex Thanks for an actual answer.

Martok Thanks also