Can i use my passport essential for mac for mac laptop and windows laptop at the same time?

guys…i have buy 1TB my passport essential for mac…i can use it in my mac laptop…but when i want to copy file from windows laptop…it’s totally not working…can i use it for both laptop??,

Yes, you can.

To share data on both Mac and PC computers you need to do these steps below:

Take the drive an plug it back to the Mac computer.

Note: Re-partition the drive will erase all data. Please back up first.

Go to Disk Utility.

Choose the “Partition”

Under “Options” choose “Master Boot Record”

Under Format " choose “MS-DOS (FAT)”

click “Apply” and “Partition”

The drive is now Formatted with Master Boot Record.

It can be read/write from both Mac and PC computers.

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If it’s FAT32 the only downside will be the max file size will be 4 gig. So if you want to share things like videos or do a system image it may be a problem . If it is post back I think there is an alternative. This is the easiest solution if it meets your needs.