Can I use My Cloud & My Book Live together?

Hello everyone - newbie and not overly ‘techy’, so please be gentle with me!

I have been using a My Book Live for sometime now on a Windows 8.1 PC without issue. There are three users - each with their own drive, but I was concerned the free space was getting a bit low (Hobby photographer & so I have lots of digital images)

I have just bought a My Cloud 4TB drive - and here’s my question - can I run the Cloud one as a main device & the (smaller) Book, or would it be better the other way round?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any ideas for backing up the Book, before installing the Cloud drive?

Thanks in advance for your help…


It depends. If you edit pictures, manage libraries that are stored on your My Book Live (with Photoshop or Lightroom), these applications move a lot of data around with scratch disks etc, my guess is that you will see better reliabliity and performance with the MBL connected directly to the computer through USB 3.0, and you can use the NAS as a backup storage.

If you do mainly storage, you could use the NAS as the main storage point and the MBL as the backup storage (since you need to backup your NAS content somewhere). You could also in this case use the NAS and connect the MBL to the back of the NAS to have extended space accessible through your NAS (still separate volume for storage though).

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Thanks! Very helpful. I’ll have a go over the weekend… :smiley: