Can I use my cloud for Disk swapping Daily work?

Hello everyone,

I have WD mycloud 8TB personal cloud storage (single hard) 2 pcs,

I am looking to configure them for Disk swapping on daily basis, my issue here if i unplug the hard every day , is this will make any problem? I know this model is not configured for Disk swapping but I have tested and it worked fine without any issue,

I logged in by admin user I could not fine any proper shutdown. process. there.

how to unplug the power properly every day ?

any reply or help would be highly appreciated

What is a WD My Cloud 2 piece? What is the specific model name of your My Cloud? This subforum generally discusses the single bay single drive My Cloud units. Multi bay/drive My Cloud units have their own subforums where people more knowledgeable may be able to assist.

Hello Bennor,

Thanks for your reply,
kindly see the updated post above.
hope it’s clear now

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What you have pictured is a single bay MyCloud and the HDD is not removable without voiding you warranty.

Are you talking about a USB drive that can be attached (In the rear of the unit) to expand disk space or transfer files?

It still isn’t clear what “2 pcs” is referring to. Do you have two My Cloud units? Or are you asking about trying to set up disk swapping on one or more external USB hard drives attached to the My Cloud’s USB port?

If your changes are being overwritten upon each restart or power on then you need to look into using CRON to modify the firmware post boot up if using 2nd gen version 2.x firmware. For older first gen version 4.x firmware one can try and use the /etc/rc2.d/S98user-start file.

Here is one example of running a boot script on the 2nd gen version 2.x firmware units:

Hello All,
Appreciate your replies ,
well, I will describe more, I have My cloud single bay 2 pieces each one has 8TB, and I am planning to use them for off-site backup, so these MyCloud storages will be swapped on daily basis how ?
here is real example :
Mycloud1 will be connected in Site1 , while MyCloud2 is in site2 inside a drawer. the next day I will unplug MyCloud1 and Plug MyCloud2 to be in Site1, I will move then MyCloud1 and put it there in Site2 inside the same drawer. … (that’s what I meant in Disk swapping)

I am not planning to open the hardware nor extend the hardware capacity using extra storage connected by USB port, I just need to have the safest way to unplug the device from the power every day. in order not to have Power lose detected warning every time I do that.

Shutting down MyCloud is discussed at length in this thread

The preferred solution is to goto WD Support Download area and retrieve/install the WD Quick View utility.

Once you install it, it takes a few minutes for that utility to be fully functional from the system tray. Right click on it, and with a little searching you’ll find the ‘Shutdown’ option.