Can I use My Cloud EX with Hyper-V and Mirror

Greetings to all WD community

I have three Question

1.- Can I use this NAS Unit with Hyper-V, someone in the community has been able to configure
2.- Two units can be configured in mirror
3.- Can I connect more units for additional storage (stack)

Many Thanks

Hello there,

To answer your questions:

1- I have not tried this, but i would like to know if when you say hyper v are you referring to a virtual machine or a server running hyper v?

2- You can setup a mirror (RAID 1) on the device.

3- I believe it is not possible to stack the units, but you can backup one unit to another unit using the remote backup feature.

Hope this helps.

Would you like to use the NAS as host for Hyper-V or just as storage?
If we are talking about storage then this would be possible but very slow because you need to use it via a network share.
Two units in mirror? So you want a sync between them?

What do you want to achive with stacking? Adding more space to the share?