Can i use My Cloud Device horizontally

Can i use My Cloud Device on Flat side,horizontally instead of normal vertical design.


i wanna ask the same question!:laughing:

See the User Manual and read it.

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alteranbarpinar - best to leave it upright

copied from the manual,

  • Do not block the slots and openings on the top and bottom of the chassis; to ensure  proper ventilation and reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, these openings must not be blocked or covered. Making sure the device is standing upright also helps prevent overheating.
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Thanks for your kind and respectful answer cloudsurfer89.

I understand that.Perhaps i should asked more clearly.

I mean, can use my device horizontally respect to its rotating parts.It is not clear in manual or i didn’t find out that.

You know some device build just use to horizontal or vertical if you use otherwise you may damage the disks inside of it without even create heat.

When you checked the device you will see left side actually it is not that warm and if you put some small support blocks like the ones under it i believe it would prevent the heat.

Well that’s my opinion anyway.

Thanks again.

Warm air rises. I think that is the reason they recommend vertical orientation. Try sideways and monitor temperatures.

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I didn’t see that, and I hope my post didn’t sound condecending. I didn’t mean it to.

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