Can I Use My Book Live Duo for Remote Backup Over the Internet?

I’ve just purchased a My Book Live Duo in the expectation that I would be able to use it as my own off-site cloud backup facility for my small business.  The plan was to have it at my home with scheduled backups via the internet so that if my business premises burnt down, my data would be secure. I was also going to backup my personal laptop to it as well.

After loading the software and reading the instructions I’m now starting to doubt that I can do that, as I can’t find any reference to off-site in either other than for file access via WD 2go.

Is there an easy way to do this (perhaps using other software such as Crashplan), or have I purchased the wrong NAS for this application (please don’t get too technical…my IT literacy is marginal)?

There are several ways to connect to drive

You already tried WD 2Go and you can also use FTP

not sure if able to auto backup with either of them

Thanks for the advice…I’ll try WD 2Go first up.