Can I use alternative software on my My Cloud

I am going round in circles with my WD My Cloud. Please don’t ask! I am not an expert yet this is supposed to be intended for the home user but he supplied software is awful. Is it possible to use thirtd party software to access and control my NAS if I am prepared to wipe the drive (3Tb) and start again?

Yes, you can, but only at v3 firmware (Using apt/aptitude).

Or you can try my alternatives:

What issues are you having with the software it’s not perfect but it does work.  If you are not an expert and try the other software out there you will void your warranty and possibly brick your device.

This forum is littered with non technical folks who have tried other software and had issues doing it.  At the end of the day it is your chioce but I would consider carefully how competent you are with linux.


I have used Linux but not to the extent our friend from russia wants! So I won’t go there.

I simply find the WD software confusing even though I’ve been in computing one way or another for yonks! I just feel there must be more user-friendly stuff available for a Windows user. I’ll probably try again and see how I get on. Maybe there is better documentation out there for WD setup that explains WHY I’m instructed to do something which is one stumbling block for me. Yes I know I may be weird!

worth asking the folks here on what your issues are people seem generally willing to help on here.  

OK at the moment, my main issue isn’t a WD problem (I don’t think) but my Win8.1 keeps ‘loosing’ the network connection to my NAS or is slow to display it when I open Expolrer. Probably a setting somewhere. In Dashboard I had already disabled sleep/energy saving setting.

Try to disable only mDNSresponder and (maybe) wdmcserverd

Its fix “looses network”.

And i add “Install from windows” instructions for my alternative firmware. Try it, if you wish.

Thank you fox. I am not too techie so where do I issue the ssh command? If I have to ask maybe I shouldn’t do it?!!:smiley:

For SSH - use PuTTY:

If need more help - ask in skype.