Can i use a previously filled HDD in a mycloud (single bay)?

I have a mycloud 3tb single bay. i have now purchased a WD red 6tb and would like to use it to upgrade the Mycloud. As it takes too long to add files via ethernet i would like to pre load the new HDD with files which will be coming from a 3rd HDD. the question is: will i be able to load the files in the new HDD and insert it in the my cloud enclosure and have all the my cloud settings still in place?
also i am assuming ntfs formatting is the one to go for, correct?
and are there any files i should ensure to transfer from the HDD that is currently in the bay to ensure the MYCloud will work correctly?

Sorry for all the very basic questions… any help and general words of wisdom are very much appreciated.
Thank you

If you plan to replace the existing My Cloud hard drive with a larger drive, you will have to follow one of the various unbrick threads. Do a forum search as there are several unbrick methods. Once the replacement drive is properly partitioned and formatted during the unbrick process one could copy their data to the proper user data partition before installing the drive into they Cloud enclosure

Very much NO.

It’s essentially a Linux box, with a complex ext4 file system partition scheme to store the OS on two raid partitions, plus other small partitions and a big user data partition.

As Bennor says, go and find the unbricking or HDD replacement threads.

I explain my process, used a few times now, to put a different hard drive into the My Cloud enclosure and to deal with one specific issue (no Dashboard post v3.x to v4x. firmware upgrade) in the following post.

If one has a v2.x My Cloud that process won’t work since its specific for the v3.x/v4.x My Clouds. v2.x My Cloud’s have a different firmware and quite possibly different partition layout.