Can I use a encrypted external USB drive for safepoints?

When I connect a encripted external USB drive to mycloud and try to create a saftpoint it reconized that the drive is connected, but it can’t find any partitions to create the safepoint to. I’m I missing something?

I can create saftpoints just find to a external USB drive connected to mycloud if it’s not encripted, but then anyone can unplug that drive and plug it into a computer to access my files on that safepoint so I would prefer to use a encrypted USB drive for safepoint, but how?

I’m using mycloud with a mac if that matters. 



You can use a drive with a password protection, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to unlock the drive through the dashboard of the unit so it will allow you to do the safepoint. Now if you unplug the drive or restart your my cloud, you will need to unlock the drive again to keep doing the safepoints.

Please see page 116 of the user manual about connecting a USB drive to the My Cloud.