Can I use a drive with data in it?

Hi, i’m a noob in the NAS world and bought a My Cloud EX 2 driveless to use as my media server.

I have two drives in my desktop with this media already, can I use these drives and mantain the contents or the NAS will automaticly format the drives?



Check out the Hard Drive Compatibility List

To configure RAID:

Short answer: No

Longer answer: WD Nas devices are in (oh darn I forget) format; which is basically a linux format.

If your drives are compatible (see the list Jonty.S links to); you can use them but they will get reformatted.

Also; in general, a NAS unit is on 24/7… . . desktop drives are not. The WD Red product line is intended for 24/7 NAS use

(JUST A WORD OF CAUTION: you want Red Plus or Red Pro drives. . . The regular “red” are SMR technology drives which you want to avoid in virtually ALL applications. You want CMR drives; which push you to the Red Plus or Red Pro)(Other manufactures are also playing games with CMR and SMR drives. You want CMR in whatever drives you get)