Can I use a BT Home Hub as a router with no internet?

I have been thinking for a while of setting up an internal network in my in-laws’ caravan - it has no internet connection, it’d just be to share the media content of a NAS arround the caravan.

See this earlier thread:

Last week I was in the 'phone to BT in the UK and they said they’d change my hub for the new model, so now I have the old one spare.

Can I use this BT Home Hub in the caravan?  Not to get on the internet, but just to connect the NAS to?


Steve W


Where is your NAS drive connected?

After reading your post, it seems to me that you are in the wrong board.

What’s the drive that you have?

It’s not connected anywhere - this is a planned set up.

The idea is that, in the caravan, we’ll have a couple of Netgear Powerline adaptors, one in the lounge, one in the bedroom.  The NAS (WD MBL) will be attacked to the BT Home Hub, the Hub will be attached to the WDTV in the lounge and also to the Powerline adaptor.  The idea is that the WDTV in the bedroom will be able to access the NAS in the lounge.

Steve W