Can I upgrade to OS 5?

I have 2TB My Cloud device. current FW is 2.41.116
In settings it says there is new FW 5.8.117 but it won’t install automatically.
Can I upgrade manually ? if yes, where can I get the new FW ?

So all 2TB single bay devices are upgradable to OS 5 ?
Cause I read a comment somewhere that it depends on the device revision?

Thanks for the info…I will try to upgrade today.
Btw, what is the meaning of a solid RED light on the fron panel ? I couldn’t find any mention of it in the owner’s guide

It must have been “Volume Usage is Above 95%”
I cleared some large files and the RED light is gone.

OS 5.0 is installed and all looks good.
Thanks for the help.

If you want to keep a 2TB MyCloud running good. . . never ever enable cloud services. (you would know if you did . . .because the cloud-related indexing task would lockup the device for a substantial amount of time.