Can I turn EX2 to external hard drive?

I need back up 2T  file to My 8T WD EX2, it take too long through online, How can back up the file just like form 1 external hard dive to other. only use the USB3 cable throught my computer? 

Any suggestion? HELP

No, you cannot connect directly via USB to your computer.

If you have some USB Drive like My Passport that have 2T you can try this:

  1. Connect drive like My Passport to directly to PC.
  2. Copy file to My Passport Drive
  3. Disconnect My Passport from PC
  4. Connect My Passport to USB Ports of My Cloud EX2
  5. Drive should appear as mount point in My Cloud EX2
  6. From Apps->Web File Browser copy file from External drive to EX2

Struthio - your solution should work but I am unsure about a couple things…if it’s 2TB of data, as the user mentioned, it’s still gonna take a long time to copy even when connected via the USB but likely faster than via a wired network…but the bigger issue is through the web file viewer the copy process will take a long time to complete and I’d think the dashboard session would time out well before the copying is complete. What I’m not sure of, is if the file copy will continue even if the dashboard times out. I hope it continues…but I’m not sure of the actual behavior.

It will. Yesterday I copied my photos to EX2 and after I selected folder to copy in Web interface I even turned off PC - files was still copying in background on EX2.

As for time, then Yes it could take a while. Even worse if Volume is Encrypted (which was in my case) then performance od EX is really poor.

Okay…good to know that…thanks for that info.

Yesterday I recreated my Volume (unencrypted this time).

For Web File Browser:

I can confirm that if you select only one folder / file then copying continues even if you disconnect PC from EX2.

If you select more than one folder (holding CTRL key), then copying continues as long as your web session is open.


Case 1

You select folders

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

To be copied.

And your PC got disconnected when copying of Folder 2 started, then copying of Folder 2 will finish with disconnected PC, but copying of Folder 3 will not start.

With a WD My Cloud NAS model I proceed in this way but I perform the local USB HD to the NAS copy through an SSH session, using cp -r command.

The problem I’ve seen so far is I can not find “su” command on EX2 model to change user once logged with “sshd” user.

It is frustating seeing EX2 has a lot of  “pro” options in their expert series compared to consumer series but some basic features has been disabled or hidden 

genoso - the SSH copy recursive command might not be of muchhelp to the OP if they aren’t familiar with Unix.

The reason you aren’t able to su to another user is because the SSH sessions are locked down on EX2/EX4 to just the sshd user. If you look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config, you will see that the only allowed SSH user is sshd. There is a way to hack that, but it’s not easy (involves modding a couple files in firmware code that is available for download and then re-building the firmware and very likely voids your warranty though if you know how to do it and what to do it is perfectly safe…and reversible should you want to go back to the official firmware and lose this ability to add additional user logins in SSH sessions). Without this hack, if you just edited the file and rebooted EX2 to take effect, the changes will to sshd_config will be lost because a fresh file will be copied over. I gave an outline of this hack (primarily to enable SFTP on EX2 for my friends who are non root users) in this thread ->

I’m not fully sure why you’d want to su anyway for the copy process though. If it is to preserve permissions of file then remember, you can use the copy command’s -p switch (so copy -rp) to copy recursively while retaining permissions.