Can I trust Windows 10 to have fixed errors on my WD Passport Ultra?

I have had the WD Passport Ultra 2TB drive for 15 months. I have not had any problems until 5 days ago. At some point I started experiencing problems across the whole computer. File explorer was slow. Accessing individual files were slow. Internet use was slow. I did several cold restarts but to no available. Finally I decided to disconnect my 7 port usb hub and instantly things returned to normal speed on all fronts. File explorer., hard drive access and internet. But soon afterward windows 10 assist stated that there was errors on my “k” drive. The “k” drive was my 2TB WD Passport Ultra external usb drive. I performed a check disk command from the Windows 10 properties menu option and it took a good 20-30 minutes to correct the problem.

I went back to usenet to download some files and it saved a few downloaded files but then Windows 10 Notifications Menu stated that check disk needed to be run again. I did and it said it was fixed. I went back to perform file operations and Windows 10 Notices said same things as before. I did a 3rd Check Disk operations but this time it showed that error corrections could only be done once the computer was reset. I restarted the computer and the computer performed the needed fixes and I have not had a problem since.I was not trusting my WD Passport by then so I uninstalled about 1TB of information and put the files on a couple older external Hard drives. The file transfers went smoothly and never had a problem it just took about 3 days to transfer all the files.

Can I trust the WD Passport to perform flawlessly without having to re-format and re configure the hard drive. What I really want to do is to do a low-level format so if there are sectors that are going bad I can block those sectors out. I am from the old school as far as formatting hd because that was the only option back in the early to late 1980’s. So conducting a low-level format is not a problem.
What does the WD community think as a whole.?

Hi, I I would check the drive with WD DLG, this will check for any bad sectors and SMART errors, if everything works fine then most likely removing the USB with from the computer with the drive connected by have damaged the partition, as you mentioned that you already transferred the information out of the Passport, I would go ahead and reformat it.

Note: Formatting the drive will delete any data that you might have on the drive.