Can i Synchronize a folder of my mac with a Shared music in Public?

Hi guys,
I tried to synchronize a folder of my mac but always appear a new folder outside of Public in my cloud, my idea is synchronize my music folder with Shared music inside Public, is possible?
And is possible two different computer synchronize with Music folder, i mean Shared music in my cloud is sum of the two folders on different computers.

What program are you using to synchronize? WD Sync?

If you do a subforum search via the magnifying glass icon upper right of page you’ll see that there are several threads that discuss problems using WD Sync to sync multiple computers to a single directory on the My Cloud. The problem apparently lies with the problem of one computer performing a sync at the same time another computer try’s to sync. The WD Sync file(s) on the My Cloud gets confused and problems arise.

Some have resorted to dumping WD Sync and using third party software like Free File Sync ( Downside to third party programs is most if not all cannot perform a sync remotely like the WD Sync program can.

Why do you want to synchronise to the Shared Music folder? So that Twonky can serve it via DLNA?

If so, then, instead, you can simply point Twonky to wherever the music is stored. It doesn’t have to be in Shared Music.

See the FAQ