Can I swap drives to keep one off-site?

I bought two My Passport Ultra 2TB drives so that I could keep one updated and one off site. Using WD SmartWare that came with them, on continuous backup mode.

When I take one off site, and plug in the other, the number of files and space used doesn’t seem to be getting updated (when I check it the next day, it is still lesser than the drive that I removed). Can I change between two identical drives to keep one backing up and the other off site?

If so, do I need to change to a scheduled backup instead of continuous? I’m wondering how it keeps track of what is on disc, if I’m changing discs.


Each drive will have its own backup. When ever you connect a drive to the computer the WD Smartware will backup automatically as long as the backup is set to continuous.

In order to verify what files are backed up on the drive you can access the backup folder. It is called “WDSmartware.swstor” and it is located on the root of the drive.

I also wish to swap my two WD drives as the prior poster described.  I have the same concerns and would like to clarify your response.

When I swap the drives, will the new drive automatically sync all the changed files on the computer?  If not, is there a way to force the drive to recognize all the changed files?

Do I need to delete the backup folder from the WD drive, to force it to start over and copy everything again?