Can I stream to my hub from an FTP source?

I recently got a WD Hub device. Is there currently ANY way it can handle streaming playback from an FTP server source/address (outside home network). I have a website host provider that comes with about 100GB of online storage. I have an FTP account set up with them and store some basic files (music, documents, photos, etc.). It made me wonder if I could simply upload files to this FTP account and then stream a video file over the internet from my ftp account by simply putting in the FTP address (along with username and password) somewhere within the WD Hub.

I also realize that a lot of it probably depends on my internet connection speed/reliability too, but just wonderingf if this is feasbile. If not with the WD Hub, are there any other network media players that can do this? .

The answer is NO .
the WDTVLive doesn’t handle FTP protocol, saddily :frowning: !
Also notice that FTP can’t manage any multimedia streaming .

We’re waiting, hopeing’ that WD improve all network functions of their box … :wink: