Can I stream from one WD TV to another?

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I have a 2 story house and have my WD TV Live w/ 3 TB HDD hooked up to it with all my movies on the first floor (family room). I want to know if there is a way to stream everything from that box to the master bedroom on the second floor? If I buy another WD TV live and set it upstairs, would something like this be possible? How would I have to configure the second box? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If you configure the first floor box as a file server, then the other can play files from it over the network.

Thanks! Would you be able to explain how to do that or point me in the direction of a tutorial by any chance as I have no idea how to do that lol

Look through the manual.

Can I ask how many WD TV Lives can “piggy back” the main file server WD before there is loss of quality ie: picture jerking or connection problems ?

Why I ask is in the future I was going to set up a home network without an Internet connection to stream media to at least 3 WDs so I didnt have to have a seperate HDrive for each WD device and saw this post and wondered if it was easily to use the “piggy back” method instead of setting up another network in the household

Sorry to Jump your post CnY225, but your idea sounds like an easier option for me as well 

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I was able to play five 720p HD mp4 movies on a PC from the USB drive attached to my WD TV Live SMP. I didn’t notice any dropouts, buffering, or jitter. I didn’t try for more. I guess this says that the 100mbps network connection between the two was adequate.

It’s all about your home network:  wired vs wireless and gigabit vs “less”.  If you have a good home network, there will not be a problem, mostly because you will not be streaming five devices; but rather 2 or 3 at the most at the same time.

I tried going through the manual but didnt see any references to a file server or setting one up? If you could please give me a little more direction on where to find it in there or another solution, we would be extremely grateful! Thanks for your time!

In the manual, p 191, Network Share Server Settings, set to ON

Great! I will post back here ASAP to advise if I was able to get this thing up and running as I’m waiting for my new box to come in from Amazon.