Can I stream 1080 with my system? (network noob)

I recently bought a WD TV Live. It’s working well (much better than my Apple TV2) but I can’t stream 1080 files - after a couple of minutes the file stutters and eventually freezes. I’d be grateful if someone could let me know whether streaming 1080 is even possible given my current set up, and what components I should buy or replace to make this a reality. I know very little about networking so any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve included some information below which is hopefully relevant.

First off, I attached a thumb drive to the WD today and ran LAN Speed Test. It shows 15.5 Mbps writing and 20.9 Mbps reading. Is this too slow for 1080?

Here’s some specs on my system:

Computer: 2009 Dell Inspiron 1555 (Intel Core Duo @ 2Ghz) with Windows Vista SP2

WiFi Card: Intel WiFi Link 5100  (NOTE: operates in “Draft N” mode)

Router: Actiontec V1000H

Internet Connection: DSL (today tested 13.4 Mbps download and 0.86 Mbps upload).

As my laptop is older, I am considering buying a new one - particularly if that will solve the problem. Also, a friend suggested buying a NAS - though that looks to be at least as expensive as a basic to mid-range laptop, and I’m not really sure how that would improve the streaming situation. Is it possible a different router would help? Would upgrading to Win 7 make a difference?

Thanks very much!

Just to make sure you’re in the right forum, which model# WDTV did you buy?  (There are two; one created in 2009, one in 2011)  The older one doesn’t have built-in WiFi, the newer does.

If you’re using WiFi ON the WDTV, then yea, your WiFi isn’t nearly fast enough for HD video.   Your WiFi network needs to be able to withstand at least 80 - 100 megabits per second.

Keep in mind that if both your WDTV and your “Server” are on WiFi, then your WiFi bandwidth is effectively cut in half since each device needs access to the network at different times.

You’re far better just seeing if you can attach both devices to a WIRED network instead of WiFi.

But either way:  BOTH the Old and New WDTV can do HD video on a good network.

Thanks, I have the WiFi Live TV. Are there people who have built systems that can stream 1080 wirelessly? If so, what kind of setup do they have? Woud it involve very expensive upgrades to my current system?