Can I still recover my data on EX4?

HDD (I will call it HDD1) failed on bay1 and I took it out, replaced with new HDD ( I will call it HDD0), then I accidentally formatted RAID5 volume. When I realized the mistake, I powered down EX4 and took all drives out (HDD0, HDD2, HDD3, HDD4). So, I have HDD1 with the original RAID5 info, HDD0, HDD2, HDD3, HDD4 formatted (RAID5 volume formatted), but not written anything yet.
So, does anybody know if I can still recover the data from these 5 HDDs? Thanks.


Pretty hard to tell on this case.

See if you can use a data recovery software to get the data out of the drive. Not sure if you can recover the RAID configuration

Thanks and I will try. Any recovery software you suggest that works well
with HDD configuration on EX4 system?

another nas.