Can i start Virtual Machines from NAS? (WD ShareSpace 4TB)


there is a windows host in the network with installed vmware server 2 and i want to start the virtual machine straight from the NAS.

i add a datastore with CIFS

network folder is shared(CIFS,FTP) and user has full access to it.

i can add the datastore without problems but when i want to add an existing virtual machine to inventory (the virtual machine with the .vmx file is of course located in the network share) i get error msg:

“Inaccessible Virtual Machine
One or more of the virtual machine configuration files are inaccessible. The cause of this problem may be transient (for example, because the virtual machine’s datastore is not available). You can remove the virtual machine from the inventory if you believe the cause is permanent.”

when vmware can access the shared network folder on the nas and use him as datastore, why is it not possible to start VM from it.

is that even possible?

thnkz for any help