Can I specify files that get backed up?

How to I control what files get backed up besides the general categories that are provided by the software?

Same question here.  I’d like to only backup my videos and pictures.  Is there a way to specify this and not have my email, documents, etc. backed up?  Or must I do all of my backups manually?

Same question here, there are certain files and folders I wish to back up, other than those listed.

Also what is  backed up to the “other” folder. 

It would be better if you could just choose what to backup. 

Or can you?

Manual not very clear on this.

Currently the software doesn’t have an option to select specific file types but you certainly have an option to check /uncheck the categories which you wish to backup.

To select specific categories, go to Detailed View.

Is WD going to update the software to support files selection ?

Currently the software is useless.

I do not think they are going to allow specific files selection.  Either you use it that way or look another backup software for your needs.  Again each backup software in the market has its pros and cons.

I don’t see why it’s so difficult to add an advanced set of options for the more experienced user. Wouldn’t WD want to broaden the appeal of the Passport products?

With PCs having been in the mass market for so long now I would estimate that the experienced user market is quite large today.

The company that sells excellent hardware like WD’s along with decent backup software
is going to own that market segment.